Best Ideas To Email Rich People For Money
Best Ideas To Email Rich People For Money

7 Best Ideas To Email Rich People For Money 2019

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Best Ideas To Email Rich People For Money 2019 – Do you know that email rich people for money is a great idea and it is working? Billionaires and Millionaires like Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg really do help greatly for individuals who extremely need a help. The most crucial thing to bear in mind is that you must be honest and open when you are having a contact with the rich people through email.

Search For 7 Best Ideas To Email Rich People For Money

Best Ideas To Email Rich People For Money
Best Ideas To Email Rich People For Money

There are plenty of ideas you can search how to email rich people for money. On this article, you will not only given tips how to send those email but also given the ideas about what you should do before finally send an email. It is aimed to touch the hearts of the rich people so that they will accept your email instead of ignoring it in the inbox.

Check out the following ideas and make sure you read this part up to end as we are also going to give you an example of email which was sent to ask for money from the rich people.

Make a List of Rich People

Before you finally send an email to the rich people, the first important thing to do is to make a list of rich people. You must know how rich and generous the people that you would like to contact. Make sure that they are the prospective donors you can take into your list.

Who are they? Bear in your mind that the rich people are those running on a big business in your country even in the world. The must have the glamorous house and vehicles as well as place the top position rank of rich people stated on Magazine or other media. They should be the people that are well-known for their wealth all over the world.

In this case, we are going to give you some incredible rich people who are always willing to help others. They are:

bill gates
bill gates

Everybody knows Bill Gates. With his wife, Melinda, Bill Gates builds up the world’s largest private charitable foundation which is named Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The foundation they run on is aimed to help other people around the world including to save lives and improve global health. They are also working along with Rotary International to eliminate polio.

As the builder of Microsoft, Gates has sold and given away a big of his stake in Microsoft. At his whole income, he owns only 1 % o shares and invested the rest for other assets. In the end of 2016, he launched $1 billion to invest Breakthrough Energy and has donated $35.8 billion worth Microsoft to the Gates Foundation.

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Thus, Bill Gates is the right person to email.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

The second person who is very possible to be your email subject is Oprah Winfrey. Contacting her through email can be one of the great ways how to email rich people for money. Oprah Winfrey handles her talk show o the media and business empire.

The profits derived from her show are invested up to $2 billion. She has also donated $425 million throughout her career which includes about $100 million to Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy located in South Africa.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

Another important and top rich person to send an email for money is Mark Zuckerberg. He is the Facebook’s CEO and building the social network. This person started Facebook at Harvard since 2004. He possesses nearly 17% of the Facebook’s stocks since his first taking in May 2012. With his wife, Priscilla Chan, he pledged to give away 99% of their Facebook stake over their lifetime in December 2015.

Therefore, Mark Zuckerberg is the right choice to accept your email.

Recognize Your Donors

The next previous step how to email rich people for money is to recognize your donors. Donors are the one who will be your subject email. They are the target you are looking for to accept your email and to grant you money.

Recognizing them is the important part of strategy. Learn about them including their personal life, their life goal, their hobby, their activity, their social life and their attention toward other people who needs helps.

You can find all of the information both on the online media and on the printed media. On the online media, you can open the websites of their foundation to find their profile or other websites. There must be numerous websites that describe those rich people in brief.

On the printed media, you can read all about them in Forbes, the magazine which usually shows up the profiles and all about the rich people in the world.

Get in Touch with The Rich People

Get in Touch with The Rich People
Get in Touch with The Rich People

Another important way of how to email rich people for money is to get in touch with them. Before you send your email to ask for money, you must be familiar with them. When they know you though a little, it can help you to easily contact them and they accept your contact and communication invitation as well.

How can you do it? Well, you can actually do it by getting involved or participate in the program they are holding such as giveaway program, charity, quiz or grants. Be the one of the member or provide services for the activities they are carrying out. That way, they will notice you and know you.

Rich people usually have their own great foundation to develop. If you work for their foundation or you are busy around their building up foundation, you may be able to get more in touch with them. They will recognize you as an active person and finally put you in their consideration. Your dedication will also ensure them to accept your email and grant your money request.

Another way you can do to get in touch with the rich people is to offer services at no charge. It means you are a good person with the same characteristic with them that is being useful for others. Those rich people’s heart will melt soon and grant you anything.

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How To Write An Email From Rich People For Money

How To Write An Email
How To Write An Email

Writing an email for money is not just about writing many sentences and sending them to your desired people. In this case of sending email rich people for money needs a trick and persuasive language so that you will get what you want.

To write an email for rich people to ask for money, you could follow the suggestion below:

  • Introduce yourself

As the opening part of your email, you must always start by greeting and introducing yourself. It includes your basic personal information such as your complete name, your address, and your activity. Then, you can continue to the next part of writing email.

  • State your present condition with the rich people’s life

After introducing yourself, you must tell them about your personal and present condition and dip into your past experience why you have never had an opportunity to have better life as you expected.

  • The reason why you send an email

Never ask for money straight way. Your aim here is to get your foot in the door. The billionaires and the millionaires who would like to give money are not that stupid, they know you come with the email to ask for money, so be patient.

All you need to is telling them that you want the better life, so, you ask them a help such as the opportunity to work hard for them. Ask them to help you run out of poverty. Try to relate your present condition with their life, so that they know your hardship.

If you can be able to strike a rapport and cord with the rich people including the billionaires and the millionaires, it means that you have a chance to get their aids, one of which is in terms of money.

  • Summarize your email

In the end of your email, you can summarize your personal condition and the rich people’s help that you really need to get away yourself difficulty in your life. Keep the final part of the email so sweet and try not to ask money in a direct way or they will find you are very offensive.

Proposal Inclusion

If you tends to email rich people for money to be donated in a certain organization, you need to include a proposal. Write your proposal by firstly explaining the profile of your organization, the goal and the plus point of your organization. Once they get the goal on their mind, it means you have 40% opportunity to get the donation.

Then, explain what you need a help (money) for. I am sure, if you have a social goal or an education goal, they will soon consider your proposal and accept your request. Moreover, if you state that you want to overcome some important issues of your organization or institution and you have a purpose to improve it well.

Avoid being very aggressive to ask for money. Just tell them you need their help in terms of donation. What you need to write in your proposal is that their donation means everything to you. Their donation will be very useful and helpful to overcome your problem.

Waiting For A Reply

Sending an email means that you have to wait for the reply, too. No matter whether the rich people accept or reject your request via email. All you need to do is to wait. If they finally reply your email, read it carefully. When they want to communicate with you in order to get a clear understanding of what you want to, provide your time as much as possible. It means that they begin to consider your request or proposal.

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Always say thanks in your reply although they seem uninterested with your email request. Perhaps, they are just not interested. However, when you show your humble attitude, they may change their mind make the right decision to grant you some amount of money.

ABC Thinking

ABC Thinking
ABC Thinking

When your way to email rich people for money is working, you must keep in touch with them to build a relationship as well as partnership. Ensure them that their money donation does help you or your organization to develop a better life. There is one way of thinking as a gratitude that is ABC thinking.

What is ABC?

ABC is the three ways that enable you to have long lasted relationship with the rich people so you can have a stable partnership with them.

A : Able to make a gift

In this case, when you have granted what you are asking for in the email, don’t forget to make a gift. You had better come to their foundation to say thanks for their donation. This way, never comes with empty hands. It is recommended that you bring a gift showing that you are an adorable person they would meet. Make them sure that they will not feel disappointed of donating money for you or your organization.

B : Belief

Belief is very important aspect. You must be able to ensure the rich people that you make use of their donation for your goodness. If the donation is for your organization or institution, ensure them that your organization has positive activities, inspiring program as well as valuable goal. Make them believe that you can be trusted.

C : Contact with you or your organization.

This means that you must keep contact with the rich people no matter they accept your email request or not. It shows that you have good personalities that they should consider next time. As you have a good communication with them, later they will consider that you or your organization deserves the donation. In the future, perhaps, they will grant you a large amount of money. Well, who knows?

Conclusion for Email Rich People For Money

Out of the best 7 ideas to email rich people for money, it is concluded that there is nothing impossible in this world as long as you try hard to get what you want. Sending email to rich people for money can be the great ways of getting money. These 7 best ideas hopefully can inspire you to make an effort for money making either to be used for yourself or for helping other people in need

7 Best Ideas To Email Rich People For Money 2019
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