Best Free Proxy Server List 2019
Best Free Proxy Server List 2019

110+ Best Free Proxy Server List 2019

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110+ Best Free Proxy Server List 2019 – When you love browsing, of course you are familiar with proxy servers. It is very useful when you want to gain access of some websites.

Usually, proxy servers are used when there are some restrictions given to some websites and pages. These policies and restrictions are different in many countries, and sometimes the restrictions blocks website that you are going to open.

When you face this problem, you will need recommendation of the best free proxy server list 2019. It is very easy to use the server since its base is website.

Best Free Proxy Server List 2019

Best Free Proxy Server List 2019
Best Free Proxy Server List 2019

By using it, you will not need to worry about any blocks and restrictions because your ID and address of location will be hidden by the proxy, so it can bypass and break the restriction.

In fact, it is true that proxy servers are popular. It is even more popular compared to VPN. Both of them work in the same way by giving access toward some blocked and restricted websites.

The mechanism is also similar since proxy servers and VPN will hide the ID. Therefore, you can be free from any restriction.

Simply, it can be said these tool make as if you are accessing the websites from other countries, so restrictions made by your country will not be obstacles. However, proxy servers are better choice since you do not need to use application.

Some References of Best Free Proxy Server List 2019

Some References of Best Free Proxy Server List 2019
Some References of Best Free Proxy Server List 2019

Well, you are so lucky since you get the easier and better access as solution in browsing. You will not need to worry about the blocked sites.

Yes, the proxy servers will become ticket to access all websites. However, you should be aware that there are some risks of using the proxy. The biggest issue is about the security.

Since you use the services from proxy servers, it is very possible for your accounts and other sensitive data stolen by hackers. The other disadvantage is on the speed.

You use proxy, and it can be used by many users at the same time. You have to share the speed, so it can be slower. Related to this, you will need some recommendation of good proxy servers to avoid those disadvantages.

  1. HideMyAss Proxy

HideMyAss Proxy
HideMyAss Proxy

It becomes the first recommendation of best free proxy server list 2019. The services are fully free, so you will not need to spend your money for subscriptions or other bills. Then, the proxy has good design and its user interface is quite good, so you will not find problems in using it.

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Moreover, it is provided by the trusted provider of VPN services, so have nothing to worry about the security issues, since all of your sensitive data will not be harvested and stolen by other people.

  1. VPNBook Proxy

VPNBook Proxy
VPNBook Proxy

Some good points offered by VPNBook Proxy are about speed and proxy performance. In term o of performance, there is nothing to worry about the proxy since it can run smoothly and it does not require high-specification devices to use it.

Most of PCs can use the proxy without any problems because of the performance enhancement. Then, the internet speed is also good.

Even if there are many users using the server, you still can enjoy your browsing. Although it may not be as fast as common accesses without proxy, it is still considered as good when it is compared to other proxy servers.

  1. 4everproxy


4everproxy also offers good internet speed as one of the advantages. That is why it becomes recommendation of best free proxy server list 2019. You do not need to worry about the speed.

Although it may feel slower than common browsers, but at least you still can access blocked pages and it is free. Then, there are also other advanced features that will help you in using the whole benefits of proxy server.

  1. Zaimos Proxy

Zaimos Proxy
Zaimos Proxy

If you are located in South Asia, especially in India, Zaimos Proxy is best free proxy server list 2019 to choose. The proxy server is recommended in those countries and the performance can be quite different when it is used in other countries.

Then, it also has decent speed for you in browsing many sites. Of course, most of the popular websites can be blocked by the proxy. However, you have no access to switch locations when you are browsing, so you have to sop it first in order to switch the location.

  1. Hidester Proxy

Hidester Proxy
Hidester Proxy

It is the other recommendation of best free proxy servers. Hidester Proxy offers good user interface, so it is very easy to use. It may feel like using common browsers.

Then, it provides some advanced features. These are useful when you need more accesses in browsing some contents. Specifically, the websites gives full benefits for those users who access the proxy from China.

However, you should know that you are not able to access YouTube from this proxy server, so you need to find other video platforms. It also has slower speed.

  1. ProxySite


The next option is ProxySite. It offers good internet speed, so you do not need to spend your time for loading the content. Then, you will get access for advanced features in case you need further settings while using the proxy.

You can find it easily in the menu. Then, it is good in disguising your browser, so it is more private when you are accessing and opening the blocked website. However, you have to be patient in using it since it still has outdated design.

  1. KProxy


It offers encrypted connection when you are opening web pages. It is how you will be able to access restricted and blocked websites without any problems. Of course, it is also free to use and that is why it belongs to the recommendation of best free proxy server list 2019.

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However, you have to be patient in using the app since it has slower connection speed. Then it also has outdated interface. However, it is still easy to use.

Those are some references of proxy servers. All of them can become good recommendation in case you want to access some websites, but they are blocked by your countries or places.

By having some alternatives, you have options to take, and you are able to find the proxy that can work. Each of them will have different specific policies and coverage.

Best Free Proxy Server Sites List 2019

  • HideMyAss –
  • Proxify –
  • Ninja Clock –
  • AnonyMouse –
  • AnonyMizer –
  • kProxy –
  • BlewPass –
  • Zfreez –
  • Vobas –
  • Don’t Filter –
  • Vtunnel –
  • –
  • New Ip Now –
  • –
  • 4everproxy –
  • Unblock My Web –
  • YouTube Unblock Proxy –
  • Working Proxy –
  • Free Open Proxy –
  • Proxy 2014 –
  • Unblock YouTube Free –
  • Free YouTube –
  • HideOnline Proxy –
  • Rapid Proxy –
  • Unblock YouTube Beat School –
  • Hiding Your Info –
  • Unblocker –
  • Fast USA Proxy –
  • YouTube Free Proxy –
  • Proxyo –
  • Quickproxy –
  • Defilter –
  • Free Proxy Server –
  • Free YouProxyTube –
  • The Best Proxy –
  • EXCS –
  • Just Proxy –
  • Proxy-2014 –
  • VPN Browse –
  • ProxyOne –
  • Web Proxy Free –
  • Can’t Block This –
  • Hide The Internet –
  • Greatest Free Proxy –
  • Proxay –
  • ViewTube –
  • PRO Unblock –
  • HideMyTraxProxy –
  • Working Proxy –
  • Star Doll Proxy –
  • HideMyAss UK –
  • F4FP –
  • TiaFun-
  • Proxy 4 Freedom –
  • WebSurf Proxy –
  • Fish Proxy –
  • DZ Hot –
  • 1FreeProxy –
  • Sporium –
  • Saoudi Proxy –
  • Proxy Browse –
  • Proxy Internet –
  • Jezus Loves This Proxy –
  • German Proxy –
  • CA Proxies –
  • Proxy 2015 –
  • FB Proxies –
  • America Proxy –
  • PK Proxy –
  • Suede Proxy –
  • To Proxy –
  • PHProxy –
  • London Proxy –
  • Kr Proxy –
  • Brazil Proxy –
  • Canada Proxy –
  • US Proxy –
  • Spedo –
  • US Proxy –
  • You Liaoren –
  • Zacebook PK –
  • Proxys –
  • Justun Block IT –
  • Network ByPass –
  • Go Proxy –
  • Proxy This –
  • Me Hide –
  • Zalmos –
  • kProxy Site –
  • Xite Now –
  • Hidden Digital –
  • Surf For Free –
  • Intern Cloud –
  • Singapore Proxy –
  • PRO Intern –
  • Fast Time –
  • Work Host –
  • Travel VPN –
  • Proxy Call MeNames –
  • Host App –
  • Fun Proxy –


Additional Information about the Best Free Proxy Server List 2019

Additional Information about the Best Free Proxy Server List 2019
Additional Information about the Best Free Proxy Server List 2019

Knowing those references are so helpful, but you still need other things to know related to proxy servers. In this case, these will be more about tips to use the proxy. Moreover, you are able to get what you need to access. These are some points that worth of your attention.

  1. Security

It becomes the most important information related to the best free proxy server list 2019. Since you are going to use the proxy server and there are potencies for your private data harvested by other people, it is recommended to avoid logging in with some of your important accounts.

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n case you still need to login, it is better to use alternative accounts. In addition, you may try to look for more information about the security features in other sources.

  1. Compatibility and availability

Compatibility will deal with your PC specification and internet connection. You have to be aware that proxy may give additional burdens for your PC, so some PCs cannot run well because of the proxy.

Then, internet connection can also affect the compatibility, since some internet providers do not give access for specific proxy servers. That is why there are many references, so you can find the most suitable one.

In term of availability, it is true that proxy is used to break the restriction. However, some servers have limitation. In other words, some sites cannot be opened although you are already using proxy.

When you face it, you have to try other servers. There are many choices to try, but you still have to see some specific coverage. Some servers already state the pages that cannot be opened.

Those are some additional points to get your attention. These may be minor points, but you still need to pay attention. Therefore, you are ready in case you have some problems or failure in accessing web pages.

Some sites cannot be opened since each server has different coverage. That’s why the specific information is provided, such as proxy that cannot access YouTube. You have to be ready with some alternatives.

In case you still cannot find solutions in opening the pages, you are advised to use VPN. Although it requires you to install additional apps, it has higher chances to work.

If you do not want to use the app, there are some browsers that already have built-in VPN. You may try the browsers as other alternatives.

These additional points are helpful in case the recommendations of the best free proxy server list 2019 still cannot grant you the access to open web pages that you want.

110+ Best Free Proxy Server List 2019
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