Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2019
Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2019

Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2019

In the world of technology, it is not a difficult task to invade someone’s privacy by hacking their personal information by using the latest software. Almost every other person loves entertainment, and for that purpose, they tend to use the internet, mostly. But, what they forget is that their browsing to various sites is being followed by the trackers. Thus, a secure browsing shall be assured .

For this purpose, VPN has been introduced to us. By using which, we can make our browsing safe and secure.

What is a VPN for Android?

The term VPN is abbreviated as Virtual Private Network. Android is a Google operating system for mobile devices. VPN for Android is an app that you can install to have it run on your devices. When you are navigating to a website, a secure connection needs to be developed . A VPN takes care of this secure connection development. For example, there are always prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and much more, which you do not know of. These prying eyes result in your IP address and much more being transferred to the third parties. Believe me, you do not want that to happen! Thus, VPN should be considered as a must.

You can also get an access to the region-restricted websites by using a good quality VPN. This way, you get as much entertainment as you want, without any restriction.

List of Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android 2019

There might also be scams in the name of VPN, which are supposed to harm your device, and your privacy. That is why it is important to choose the best VPN.

We acknowledge your needs and wants. Thus, we have made a list of various VPN Android apps. From the list, you can choose any VPN which fulfills your requirements well.


This VPN helps you in hiding from the prying eyes. Hence, the name. There is also a paid version available, along with the free version. The data package includes 2 GB per month. It also hides the history of your activities.

Talking about the free version, you can connect to 3 server areas. According to several myths, nothing good comes without a cost. But, this is not the case when you are using this VPN, because its working is equally incredible as it is in the paid version.

Not everyone is a pro at using Android VPN, and the developers of understand it. Thus, there is always a helping team ready to deal with your queries. All what you have to do is submit the query.

2. ProtonVPN


It offers 3 server areas. It has a very user-friendly interface to deal with. It is not bandwidth limited, and that is why it stands out amongst so many other free VPN service providers. It is very easy to use.

This VPN also has no advertisement displays to annoy you, and thus, you can use it with no interference.

It also has a paid version available for users who want to turn it up a notch. The paid version enables a few more advanced features.

3. PrivateTunnel


If you are one of those users who do not really have to do so much on the internet, this VPN is for you. It is also suitable for you, if you are new to the VPN line. It is easy to use, and has a very understandable interface.

As the name says, it keeps your browsing private, not allowing the third parties to misuse your personal data.

Talking about the data usage, it is 200 MB. It also has a paid version which allows a better data usage. The speed is also fair. You can try Private Tunnel, if you want a safe VPN access.

4. Betternet


If you are one of those people who judge a product by its ranking, then you would be glad to know that the Betternet VPN has been ranked on the top list by the Google Play store. In order to explore the web without boundaries, it is important for a VPN’s servers to be located in many areas. Betternet has it all!

Other than that, Betternet also has the feature of end-to-end encryption, resulting in the secure access to the internet. It also serves its users with a fair speed of working.

5. FinchVPN


Wi-Fi and Hotspot services are the center of attention when it comes to the youth of today. As much as the idea of connecting your device to a free Wi-Fi connection might excite your interest, it can equally harm your device, ruining its working.

FinchVPN makes sure that you are not being fooled by a scam. It takes care of your device’s connection to other devices. If you choose FinchVPN , you do not have to worry about your device being messed up. Because, a wrong choice might result in your data being hacked. Believe us, you do not want that to happen!

Just like the previous VPN server mentioned, FinchVPN also enables the end-to-end encryption method in order to secure your browser. Your safety is its biggest concern!

Talking about the data usage, FinchVPN stands out with its 3 GB data limit per month. As if this all is not enough, FinchVPN also serves its users with a moderately fast speed. What else do you want?

6. Windscribe


The biggest enemy of your smooth relationship with entertainment is the advertisement pop-up. It can ruin a perfect online streaming of your desired movies or any other video.

Windscribe prevents it all, making the browsing enjoyable and break free.

It provides the amazing data usage limit of 10 GB. If you are into the Netflix shows, you should definitely give it a shot! You will love it!

7. TunnelBear


If it is your first attempt at using VPNs, consider TunnelBear. It has such a user-friendly interface which would make you love the experience! One of the bets parts about TunnelBear is that the server is available in almost 20 countries.

Its speed is also extremely impressive!

8. OperaVPN


Google Play Store placed the Opera VPN on the top list, when asked. There must be some specialties to be considered .

Opera VPN has the ad-blocking feature. This feature would you in preventing the unnecessarily annoying advertisement pop-ups.

By using this VPN service provider, you could also connect your device to five different server areas. If you are one of those people who have a lot of activities to be done by using the internet, then you should definitely try the Opera VPN. It is not bandwidth limited, either. It provides unlimited data usage allowance, and thus, it removes all the possible barriers between you and the world of entertainment.

9. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN supports almost all the major platforms. It also supports unlimited server switches. Talking about the bandwidth limits, it is free of it. ExpressVPN is one our favorite VPN service providers, because it has very distinguished features. It enables split tunneling, as well as zero-knowledge DNS.

ExpressVPN is a paid private network service. It also offers a 30-days free trial, which you can cancel anytime, without any term and condition.

10. NordVPN


NordVPN is somewhat similar to the ExpressVPN . When it comes to a secure connection development between the user and the server, NordVPN is considered to be one of the best VPN services.

It has a user-friendly interface, and various smart apps which help in keeping up with the safety of IOS and Android devices.

It is also a paid service, but it goes easy on one’s pocket. Not to mention that all the features provided by it are definitely worth it!

11. Surfshark


It is a VPN service which offers a solid performance to its users. If you are a fan of torrenting, then you will be glad to know that Surfshark VPN enable torrenting as well as the P2P sharing. There are 800+ servers in 50 countries, which means that the browsing is no more limited to the region restrictions.

If compared to other VPN services, this one is fairly easy to be used . Out of 78 VPNs, Surfshark has been ranked as the number #2 VPN service. It also supports live chats, along with the limitless speed. A good security speed is also guaranteed .

Yes! Each of the mentioned VPNs is absolutely legal to use. What might be illegal is the content you would be streaming by using a certain VPN. The legality of the streaming also depends on the respective region. Thus, for as long as the browsing does not humiliate the region based restrictions, these VPNs are 100% legal to use.

Why you should Consider VPNs as an Important Part of your Browsing?

If you are interested in rerouting the social traffic on a certain site, then a VPN shall be used .

Also, the IP address is hidden . Thus, in case of using a VPN service, you should not be worried about your safety. Whatever online activity you might get yourself into, it will not be tracked .

There are uncountable benefits of using a VPN. Whereas, not using any might result in shocking damage to your device and its privacy.

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