Where to Get Best Visa Validity Service 2018
Where to Get Best Visa Validity Service 2018

7 Best Visa Validity Services 2019

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Where to Get Best Visa Validity Services 2019 – One might read the phrase visa validity and thinks it’s the same as visa expiration date. The first thing that you need to fully understand before reading this article is that visa validity is not the same as visa expiration date.

To put it simply, visa validity refers specifically to the length of time that you are allowed to stay in your destination country. The other literally means the date in which your visa can no longer be used because it has expired.

Where to Get Best Visa Validity Service 2019

Where to Get Best Visa Validity Service 2018
Where to Get Best Visa Validity Service 2019

This article will show you a guide on how to find the best visa validity service 2019 and focusing on popular countries that people like to visit such as Saudi Arabia, the U.S, Japan, and Australia

Put On Some Definition First

Put On Some Definition First
Put On Some Definition First

Some people seem to have difficulty understanding the difference between the length of time one is allowed to remain in a destination country and the visa expiration date. A visa in one’s passport gives permission to foreign citizen to apply to enter the destination country, such as the United States or anywhere in the world.

A visa literally indicates that your application has gone through evaluation by a consular officer at the country’s Consulate or Embassy. This means, you are eligible to travel to your destination country through port-of-entry for a certain purpose. The port-of-entry can be a seaport, an airport or even a land border crossing.

At the port-of-entry such as those in the US, an immigrant officer is assigned by the Department of Homeland Security. As part of the admission process, the officer will decide if you are allowed to enter as well as the length of time you can stay for any particular visit. The only person who possesses the authority to permit foreign citizens to enter the country is the U.S. immigration officer.

Visa expiration date, on the other hand, is located on the visa along with the issuance date. Visa validity is the time between the visa issuance and expiration date. It is the length of time you are allowed to travel to a port-of-entry in the destination country.

Get Best Visa Validity Service 2018
Get Best Visa Validity Service 2019
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Visas can be issued differently. You can get a visa for a single entry or application or even for unlimited/multiple entries. It’s all subject to your nationality.

  • A single entry visa is valid and can be used from the date it’s first issued until the date the visa expires to travel to a destination country. The single entry definition is denoted on the visa with the number 1 under “Entries”
  • A visa that is issued for unlimited entries is valid and can be used from the date it’s first issued until the date it expires to travel to your destination country as many times as it is stated in the visa. The multiple entry definition is shown under “entries” with “M” which stands for multiple or a particular number such as 2, 3, etc. It can be used if:
  • Multiple uses of a visa is intended for the same purpose of travel permitted on the type of visa issued
  • Applying for a new visa is not needed as long as your visa has yet to expire and you have not exceeded the number of entries allowed on the visa
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Each country has its own regulation regarding visa validity. Moreover, validity also differs depending on one’s purpose in visiting the destination country. To paint a full picture, student who plans to visit a certain country for pursuing an education will receive different policy from visa applicants who visit the same country only for the sake of travelling.

It should be noted that having a visa does not mean you are always guaranteed with an entry to the destination country. Add to that the visa expiration date printed on your visa is not the equivalent to the length of time you’re authorised to stay in the destination country.

In the US, for instance, the length and entry of authorised stay in the US are determined by the Customs and Border Protection officer stationed at the port-of-entry every time you travel.

Beyond that, it’s imperative to note that there are circumstances that can serve to cancel or void the period of visa validity as well. If you overstay, your visa will either cancel or void automatically unless:

  • The application is merely pending and not frivolous
  • You have attempted to file an application on time for a change of status or an extension of stay

Where to Get Such Service

  • Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

The first best visa validity service 2019 we’d like to discuss is service available in Saudi Arabia since many people like to visit this country especially from time to time. Given the fact that this country is also the place for Muslim people to conduct their religious activity, it’s safe to say this country has its own different policy regarding visa validity for foreign citizens visiting the country for this purpose.

Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, it becomes easier to get visa validity service nowadays. For example, you can visit this page. It’s probably the easiest method to check visa validity if you wish to visit this country. You’ll be required to input one thing or two before allowed with an access to the information in terms of your visa validity.

Other than the fact that this website is useful for visa validity service, you can also print out your own visa via SMS. All you need is input your phone number where a verification code will be sent to your phone which serves as the password to print out your visa.

If you are a bit worried about security issues, you needn’t! This site is 100% supported by ELM which is a company that functions to secure services and other government projects.

Another great alternative is to visit the MOFA’s (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) official website. When you go to the front page, you will be offered with many options of service.

You need to click on the –Service one for visa validity. This MOFA website also offers information about special visa request or Umrah and Hajj services for Muslims.

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The government has made it very convenient for people who simply have no time to go to the bank to make payment because the website has a special page dedicated for visa making and payment required for it.

Don’t get bummed out when you visit the page and all you can see is Arabic words. There is an option to translate the page to English. Now, to check your visa validity on this website, you need to click on the “Visa Issued from MOFA” on the page. Then, type in your visa as well as ID number along with Captcha to make sure you are not a bot.

Additionally there is an Iqama which is a residence permit issued to foreigners arriving in Saudi Arabia using an employment visa. This permit is valid for a period of one to two years.

As a matter of fact, this is one of the mandatory documents which may be requested at hospitals, banks and several other places. Iqama serves as a legal residence permit for expatriates in the country.

Kindly note that all Saudi Embassies in the world never deal directly with individuals and only deal with registered visa agents. Then, the authorised visa agencies will submit the visa application on behalf of individuals. That’s why, it’s vital to go through a registered agent at the time of processing your visa.

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  • Japan


Visas are only valid to enter this country on one occasion with the single-validity visa validity amounting to three month timeframe. It should be noted that the visa holders must apply for landing with an immigration inspector at the port-of-entry where they will land and undergo an examination for landing prior to expiration date of the visa.

It is not possible to extend the period of visa validity either. Should you wish to have your period of stay extended, you must consult with the regional immigration bureau.

On the other hand, multiple-entry visas are valid and can be issued for business travel, etc. with the validity period ranging from one year to five long years. The visas can also be used multiple times during the period of validity.

You can contact the Consular Section of the Consulate or Embassy General of Japan nearest to you for such service. Alternatively, you can visit the MOFA’s website where you will find various useful links regarding visa and inquiries concerning visas.

  • United States

United States
United States

Upon arrival at the United States, at the port-of-entry you will be given an admission stamp or a form in the passport by the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. immigration inspector. On this paper form or stamp, the immigration inspector will record a D/S (duration of status) or a date. S

hould your I-94 have a specific date, then it refers to the date by which you will have to leave the country. This admission paper or stamp should always be on your passport for it literally shows your permission to be in the US. Please see the Admissions section on the CBP site here to find out more about your visa validity service.

Once you get your passport with a visa stamp in it, you must check the stamp for these things:

  • Name must be spelled correctly, the same as in the passport
  • Gender and date of birth are correct
  • Photograph is 100% yours
  • The type of visa is correct. A visitor or business visa must be B1 or B2
  • Double check if the ‘entries’ is ‘m’ or ‘s’ which stands for multiple and single, respectively. It should be noted that even if you have a single-entry visa, you are still able to go to Niagara Falls on the Canada side and then come back to the United States again. As stipulated by the visa officer situated on the Niagara border, a multiple or single entry only matters when you go outside North America and wish to come back to the US.
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Should there be any incorrect information, service is available at visa application centre where you can get it corrected immediately or at the U.S Consulate or Embassy. Furthermore, one should never confuse between the visa stamp and duration of stay in the US. A US visa stamp is used at the time you enter the country.

As stated in the previous paragraph, the duration of stay, on the other hand, is determined by the immigration officer at airport, seaport or any port-of-entry. Even if you arrive at the US on the last day of your visa stamp validity, there is a chance you’ll be granted a 6 month stay period.

The CBP official will determine the length of your stay in the US upon arrival in the country. If you came to the US on a non-immigrant visa and are seeking service to extend your stay, you need to apply with USCIS prior authorisation on your stay, which is shown on your admission paper form or stamp I-94. You must apply in advance before the expiration date. Information and service can be found here

  • Australia

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The Department of Home Affairs website is the best place if you have queries about your visa status and its validity. If you wish to check your visa information online any time anywhere, the Department of Home Affairs suggests the best visa validity service 2018 is the VEVO (visa entitlement verification online). On that site, you can get information on your visa’s expiration date along with other conditions attached to your visa and other required materials.

Everyone must be aware of their visa’s expiry date, which is denoted on the notification you got when you were first granted the visa. Foreign citizens are recommended to use VEVO for Australian visas can only be granted electronically.

This site allows all visa holders as well as registered organisations to check current condition and visa status. Moreover, it’s completely free and available all the time.

Those are all pretty much the best visa validity service 2019. Beware of any kind of frauds and it’s best if you go to authorised agency or straight to Embassy or Consulate to process and check your visa status.

7 Best Visa Validity Services 2019
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