How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers
How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers

How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers 2018

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How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers 2018 – Are you looking for some methods on how to get active credit card numbers? Do you badly need the card but cannot afford the real one from card issuer?

It is a peace of mind to know the fact that you can obtain active credit card without registering yourself to the bank. In other words, you can enjoy the credit card to the fullest without any obligation to pay installment or annual fee.

However, at first you need to ask yourself about the reason to get active credit card number from the internet. Will you use it for goodness? Or else, do you have potential to misuse the card for bad purpose?

How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers

How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers
How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers

Before going further, you need to know that along with the development of technology, people’s lifestyle gradually shifts. Few decades ago, to purchase something, you have to visit the store, choose the desired items and pay in the cashier.

Today, even though such method remains performed, people have new method in purchasing items. The so-called online shopping becomes a breakthrough that offers convenience as people can buy anything from anywhere, only with single click.

For extra convenience, credit card comes to complement the purchasing process. With credit card, including one that you get from the internet, you are allowed to make verification for any purposes.

Two Methods on How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers

Two Methods on How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers
Two Methods on How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers

In getting active credit card numbers, there are several methods that can be considered. Aside from the legal way to get credit card—open new savings account, submit to financial institution and credit card issuer—there are few more methods to obtain active credit card.

Things to note, some of the following methods enable you to get active card without paying installment or annual fee. Therefore, it can be obtained by anyone. These are some ways on how to get active credit card numbers:

  1. Official credit card issuer

Official credit card issuer
Official credit card issuer

It is clear enough that active credit card numbers can be obtained from official credit card issuer. At the time you apply for credit card, the issuer will automatically give you specific number of credit card.

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The number is active and can be used for any purpose. However, some credit card issuers also release official free credit card number that can be accessed by anybody.

The free numbers are usually available in their official website, however it typically requires verification. For instance, PayPal provides free credit card number as part of their testing environment. Not only PayPal itself, other issuers such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and Dinners Club also provides free number.

The two credit card issuers, Visa and MasterCard, provide free credit card numbers for public use. This is intentionally provided as trial and test procedure.

Before validating the card, you may visit the testing area and input the number. When the website works as you expect, the owner of the card may validate the cards. This kind of test is conducted as part of security system, and the feature can be found in some financial websites.

  1. Credit card generator

Credit card generator
Credit card generator

The second method on how to get active credit card numbers is through credit card generator. This is one of the most common methods around the users.

Even though the credit card numbers are not valid, yet it is capable to help you in making verification. This becomes the reason why credit card generator is considered the easiest and most practical way in obtaining credit card numbers for free.

How to use the generator and get some numbers? In truth, there are abundant choices of credit card generator that you can find out there. Most of them boast the same feature, generating active credit card number for verification.

Random Free Active Credit Card Numbers 2018

Related to how to get active credit card number through generator, first you need to visit generator site that seems legit and click generate button to start generating process.The page will show some results and you will see various options of credit card number, even though some site will only show one number.The sites show different information related to the number. Some may include information of type and expiration date, while some others include address, even postal code.This is to make the fake credit card looks similar to the real one. However, all the information is fake and does not exist in the real life.

You can input the obtained numbers to make verification. Important thing to note, this credit card number cannot be used for making any online payment as system will detect it as fake.Being so, why would many people use this credit card generator? Technically, these numbers cannot be used for payment. But beyond, there are more important benefits offered by this kind of credit card number.

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Today, internet has high risk of scam or fraud. Therefore, you cannot share your number to anyone. When you input the number for verification, the system will record it and may use it for other purpose. Therefore, using fake active credit card numbers from generator is considered much safer.

How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers and Why It Is Available for Public

How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers and Why It Is Available for Public
How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers and Why It Is Available for Public

Previously, you have found out two most commonly methods to get credit card. You might wonder if the fake active credit card number is useful and why some credit card issuers are willing to release numbers to public.

Actually, obtaining credit card from the internet is permissible as long as it is used for good purposes (not misused). Furthermore, providing and using credit card numbers actually bring benefits to the two sides.

The followings are some reasons why free credit card number is important from both perspectives—the card issuers and users.

  1. Testing system

Testing system
Testing system

From the perspective of issuer, especially PayPal, providing credit card number is considered as part of testing system. With the credit number and account, people can make purchase without using the real credit card—it performs like wallet and is integrated to online system.However, you need to make a PayPal account that will be connected automatically to marketplace and merchant that incorporate PayPal.

To enjoy the benefit, the user needs to register the card and provide information. The card then will be linked to your account. Using credit number from PayPal, you also need to visit testing environment.

This is where you can make registration and card verification. After completing the procedures, your PayPal account will be ready to use.

  1. Trial account

Trial account
Trial account

From users’ perspective, knowing how to get active credit card numbers help them make trial account for various purposes. Often, trial account requires the users to use free credit numbers.

Instead of giving your real credit number, the generated or fake credit number will be much safer because it does not expose your sensitive information. It will be identified as valid card by the system therefore you can continue the process.

Trial account is also commonly used for subscription website for software, magazines, or news. The credit number is required for verification process. By this account, your email will not be bothered by scam mails from the software or website that you subscribe.

  1. Bypassing verification

Bypassing verification
Bypassing verification

Another reason to use free credit card is for bypassing verification. Even though some people consider bypass verification and trial account is quite the same, in truth they are different. Bypass verification allows you to get unlimited membership.

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There are some advantages and ease of access if you have valid membership. To validate, you need to make real payment. However, this payment cannot be performed through your free credit card number because it is not real.

  1. Preventing scam

Preventing scam
Preventing scam

As aforementioned, learning how to get active credit card numbers is beneficial for the sake of your credit card security. Credit card number is quite sensitive to give away to strangers or unreliable random websites because you never know what they will do to your number.

Example Free Active Credit Card Numbers 2018 (Latest Update)

  • Card Type:Visa

    Card Number:4485199823120395



    Name:Henry Johnson

  • Card Type:Visa

    Card Number:4532828304085478



    Name:Gerald Fields

  • Card Type:Visa

    Card Number:4556085712470831



    Name:Sean Moffett

  • Card Type:Visa

    Card Number:4929024545993115



    Name:Monica Johnson

  • Card Type:Visa

    Card Number:4916007278165691



    Name:Bernice Bell

  • Card Type:MasterCard

    Card Number:5385428286378440



    Name:Norman Veltri

For verification or subscription, no need to use real credit card number. However, if you are going to make purchase or payment, you can use the real one—only after making sure the website is safe, protected, and encrypted. Through this way, it gives you peace of mind to make transaction in virtual world.In conclusion, free active credit card number allows you to enjoy the benefits of credit card. There are two methods commonly performed to obtain free credit card number; from credit card issuer or through online generator.

While making verification, signing up for trial account, or subscribing certain software typically requires credit number, this is the safest way to achieve your desire without putting your real credit card in risk.

Therefore, you will not be a victim of fraud, spam, or scam. After knowing how to get active credit card numbers for free, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to providing credit number.

How to Get Active Credit Card Numbers 2018
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